Help Coordination for Museums, Galleries and Artists and Cultural Professionals in Ukraine

With a digital centre for the coordination and exchange of information with museums, galleries, artists and cultural workers from Ukraine, the Dresden State Art Collections would like to offer institutions and individuals opportunities for help and assistence.


Our aims:

1. overview of existing aid projects

  • collection of aid offers for museums, galleries, artists and cultural workers threatened by the Ukraine war
  • please contact us if you can offer help as well as if you are looking for help

2. initiation and coordination of aid projects between State Art Collections Dresden and our partners

For all help inquiries please contact the coordination team at:

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Statement on Ukraine

We are devastated by the news currently coming out of Ukraine. The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (Dresden State Art Collections; SKD) condemn Russia’s war of aggression, which contravenes international law, and emphasise the right of the Ukrainian people to freedom and self-determination. Read the statement of Director General Marion Ackermann on the current events in Ukraine.

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