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15 museums with works from all continents

The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (Dresden State Art Collections) are among the foremost museums of the world. A total of 15 museums offer a thematic diversity that is exceptional for its kind.

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Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau 19.5.-25.5.2019

The Whole Life: Archives and Reality

The archive is omnipresent and always temporary. It reflects the realities of the past—while archived knowledge at the same time shapes the present. How do archives and their objects translate historical realities into contemporary narratives? What does this mean for the structure of archives, for their users, technologies, and forms of knowledge production? What
can archives do for today’s societies?

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A “new” Vermeer in Dresden

For more than 250 years now, the famous painting by Johannes Vermeer featuring a profile depiction of a girl intently reading a letter in front of a light-coloured empty wall has held a firm place among the masterpieces in the Dresden Gemäldegalerie. Previous x-ray examinations indicated that a picture of a naked Cupid in the painting had been overpainted. Today, new laboratory tests have conclusively determined that the overpainting was not by Vermeer’s hand.

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© SKD, Foto: Wolfgang Kreische

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Giambologna’s Bronze Statuette Mars returns to Dresden

Before the bronze statuette is put on display at the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister in the Semperbau when the museum reopens in December 2019, it will “travel” the Free State of Saxony. The “welcome-home tour” will start at the Stadt- und Bergbaumuseum Freiberg, where, starting today, the Mars will be on view.

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© SKD, Foto: Oliver Killig

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