Visitor Regulations

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (SKD). We hope you will have an enjoyable and inspiring visit. In order to do justice to all visitors and their interests, and to ensure the safety and security of the exhibits, it is essential that certain rules are adhered to. The Visitor Regulations are binding on all our visitors. By purchasing your admission ticket, you automatically agree to abide by our Regulations.

  1. Bulky or unwieldy items such as walking sticks, umbrellas, sports equipment, rucksacks, suitcases and large bags cannot be taken with you – in cases of doubt, the museum attendants shall decide.
  2. Touching the works of arts and the showcases is prohibited. Please keep at least 50cm away from the exhibits.
  3. It is not permitted to eat or drink in the exhibition rooms. People who are evidently under the influence of alcohol may be refused access to the exhibition rooms.
  4. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings.
  5. It is not permitted to bring animals into the exhibition, except for guide dogs.
  6. Guided tours by third parties may only be conducted by prior arrangement and subject to presentation of a licence.
  7. Taking photographs and filming without flash, tripod or selfie-stick – for exclusively private, non-commercial purposes – is permitted in the permanent exhibitions (except in the Historisches Grünes Gewölbe), provided the safety and security of the works of art are not endangered, a minimum distance of 50 cm is complied with, and other visitors are treated with consideration. This permit shall not apply to third party rights. The SKD explicitly point out that the reproduction or dissemination of content that is protected under copyright or rights of privacy is subject to authorisation. Individual works which are subject to a general prohibition on photography or filming owing to the instructions of the owner or copyright holder are labelled accordingly. In special exhibitions, photography and filming may be prohibited; please do not hesitate to ask the museum attendants about this. For all purposes that go beyond the scope of this general permit, written authorisation is necessary; this also applies to later changes of use.
  8. Out of consideration for other visitors, please avoid noise and keep your voice down. While in the museum and exhibition rooms, please turn mobile phones onto silent mode and refrain from making telephone calls.
  9. We are pleased to welcome our youngest visitors and we kindly ask those accompanying them to ensure that the security and safety of the works of art is not endangered and that other visitors are treated with consideration. Running and romping about is not permitted. Children may not be carried on your back or shoulders. For reasons of safety, we reserve the right to regulate access with children’s buggies.

The museum attendants have been instructed and are authorised to ensure compliance with the Visitor Regulations. If you violate the Visitor Regulations, you may be prohibited, without compensation, from continuing your museum visit. Visitors are therefore obliged:

  1. to follow the instructions of the museum attendants.
  2. to remain calm if alarms go off on showcases, sculptures or paintings and to wait for instructions from the museum attendants.
  3. to leave the building quickly and calmly in the event of a fire alarm.
  4. to supervise children.
  5. in the case of school groups, to ensure that the group is accompanied by a responsible person.
  6. to move about in the exhibition rooms in such a way as to avoid any damage to the works of art or annoyance to other visitors.

Visitors shall be liable for any expenses or damage resulting from the violation of these Visitor Regulations. Please note that if you lose any valuables within the SKD, you can contact the ticket sales desk or the attendants, or send an email to For reasons of security, our rooms are under video surveillance.

The Director-General‘s Offic

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