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You May Also Like: Robert Stadler

18 March to 25 June 2017
An exhibition of the Kunstgewerbemuseum curated by Alexis Vaillant, initiated by Tulga Beyerle

Working at the intersection of design, the visual arts and critical practice, Robert Stadler uses design to question social issues and imagine new ways of conceiving objects. You May Also Like: Robert Stadler marks the first survey exhibition of his work. More than seventy of his pieces are exhibited together. Following on from his interest in objects of all kinds, Stadler has enriched the exhibition with a careful selection of historical and contemporary objects presented next to his own designs. Alongside objects from Stadler´s own collection, a selection of twenty masterpieces and unknown artifacts from eight of the SKD collections form an integral part of the exhibition. The combination of objects from various periods results in a cross-historical “community of objects” that creates a network of meanings around five themes.

(1) Artificial Intelligence, (2) the Morphing of the Natural into the Artificial, (3) Forms of Random/Control and Digital Fragmentation, (4) Instability and Fetishism, and (5) Informed Objects are followed by an installation without walls or corridors unfolding in front of an oversized back-lit screen.

  • Kopffragment einer klassischen Göttinnenstatue, 1. Jh. n. Chr. (?) nach einem griechischen Vorbild des späten 5. Jh. v. Chr., Graugelblicher, dichter, sehr feinkristalliner Marmor (pentelisch), Skulpturensammlung, Copyright: Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Foto: Elke Estel/Hans-Peter Klut
 - Bild öffnet sich in einer Vergrößerungsansicht.
  • Robert Stadler, Exercise Alicia, 2012, Olimpo Striato Marmor, courtesy of the artist und Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Foto: Martin Argyroglo - Bild öffnet sich in einer Vergrößerungsansicht.

This network highlights the challenge of Stadler´s unique designs: the exhibition is a specific surface that links the “community of objects” exhibited to the digital world. This formula is connected to the multi-layered nature of Stadler’s own profile. It also suggests how this particular profile “functions” with both the objects and the ideas within them. But in a world where the mechanisms of e-business are based upon “indifference and desire”, combining the expression “you may also like” with Robert Stadler’s name as the title critically highlights what sums up an individual on the Internet today: the creation of a profile and the gathering of likes linked to it.

Accompanying Program

Find more information including the exhibition program in our exhibition leaflet ...more

Exhibition catalogue

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue, available for 28€, published by Buchhandlung Walther König (ISBN 978-3-86335-883-9) ...more