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Current special exhibitions

  • Schloss Pillnitzuntil 05.11.2017

    Amor Búcaro

    Artist and designer Linde Burkhardt calls her black ceramics a “sculptural diary”. She creates installations evoking the fascination of Portugal, which inspired these works ...more

  • Schloss Pillnitztill 05.11.2017

    Textile design

    The Kunstgewerbemuseum provides an overview of the design and use of textile products in the material experiment and in serial production ...more

  • Residenzschlossuntil 25.09.2017


    What makes an image – especially a replicated image – unique? This is the question tackled by curator Hans Wolfgang Singer at the beginning of the 20th century paradoxically ...more

  • Albertinumuntil 19.11.2017

    Geniale Dilletanten

    In early 1980s Germany an alternative art scene drew international attention and recognition with strident protests and targeted provocations ...more

  • Albertinumuntil 27.08.2017

    Gerhard Richter. New Paintings

    On the occasion of his 85th birthday, the Gerhard Richter Archive is holding an exhibition with new paintings by the artist ...more

  • Residenzschlossuntil 18.09.2017

    Gregor Schmoll

    The photographer Gregor Schmoll (* 1970) uses known motifs in a surreal manner and draws attention to the extent to which our concept of reality is shaped by photography ...more

  • Albertinumuntil 15.10.2017

    Karl-Heinz Adler. Ganz konkret

    Karl-Heinz Adler is one of the most prominent exponents of concrete art in Germany and celebrates his 90th birthday in 2017 ...more

  • Josef-Hegenbarth-Archivbis 02.04.2018

    Kleiner Muck und Kalif Storch

    Zu Wilhem Hauffs Märchenstoff "Die Karawane" schuf Josef Hegenbarth zwei Illustrationsfolgen, die nun nach 70 Jahren an den Ort ihrer Entstehung zurückkehren ...more

  • Residenzschlossfrom 17.09.2017

    Martin Luther and the Reformation in Medallic Art

    As a momentous turning point in history, the Reformation marks the beginning of a new era in which numismatic objects played a major role. The Münzkabinett exhibits a selection of medallic art ...more

  • Leipzigbis 30.09.2017

    Museum on the Couch

    Zum dritten Mal führt das Institut für Ethnologie der Universität Leipzig gemeinsam mit dem Leipziger Völkerkundemuseum ein Museumsprojekt durch. „Museum on the Couch“ bietet Studierenden einen interaktiven Ort ...more

  • Japanisches Palaisuntil 31.10.2017

    Prolog # 1-10

    Prolog in the Japanisches Palais: Stories and secrets of people, things and places from all over the world. 10 stations, 10 perspectives, 10 months ...more


    Our preview presents the upcoming special exhibitions in Dresden, Leipzig, Herrnhut and the rest of the world ...more