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Exhibition preview

  • Japanisches Palaisfrom 09.12.2016

    PROLOG # 1-10

    Prolog in the Japanisches Palais: Stories and secrets of people, things and places from all over the world. 10 stations, 10 perspectives, 10 months ...more

  • Leipzigfrom 16.12.2016

    Grassi invites #3 Masken!

    In the series Grassi invites #3: Masken! the GRASSI Museum of Ethnology invites theater producers to reactivate and re-examine the many masks of the museum ...more

  • Albertinumfrom 10.02.2017

    Beneath Italian Skies

    Italy "that land where lemon orchards bloom" was a magnetizing place in the 19th century. In the Albertinum visitors can sense the longing for the bright light of the country ...more

  • Residenzschlossfrom 03.03.17

    Dresden Europa Welt

    In spring, the projects sponsored by the Museum Research Foundation will be presented under the title Dresden Europa Welt in the Residenzschloss

  • Johann Joachim Kaendler, Johann Gottlieb Kirchner, Bologneser Hund, Meissen, ca. 1734, Porzellan, Porzellansammlung, Copyright: SKD, Foto: Herbert Jäger Robert Stadler, 107, Birke, Foto: Constantin Meyer; Montage: Studio Robert Stadler
    Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbaufrom 18.03.2017

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    The first institutional survey exhibition of Robert Stadler’s work, initiated by Tulga Beyerle, Director of the Museum of Decorative Arts, Dresden and curated by Alexis Vaillant ...more