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  • Deckelvase bemalt von Löwenfinck

    Fantastical Worlds

    To mark 300 years since the birth of Adam Friedrich von Löwenfinck this exhibition will be presenting the complete works of this important ceramics painter of the nineteenth century. ...more

  • Video by Gunter Deller "Contact High"

    Curvature of Events. Reciprocal Value

    “Curvature of Events” is an interpretation and analysis of European art history based on few selected pieces from thousands that have been attracting curators for many years. ...more

  • Friedrich von Sachsen und die Wittenberger Reformatoren, Detail, um 1543, copyright: Toledo Museum of Art

    Luther and the Princes

    The Renaissance town of Torgau, with Hartenfels Castle at its centre, was the political hub of the Reformation - it is the authentic setting for the 1st National Special Exhibition to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation ...more