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Christmas at Jägerhof

Christmas together!

November 29, 2014 to Februar 1, 2015
An exhibition by the Museums für Sächsische Volkskunst at Jägerhof

As every year during Advent season, the Museum für Sächsische Volkskunst presents itself in seasonal spirit. Dozens of Christmas trees are decorated with unique as well as original ornaments from old and new times. Folk artists show their artistic skills and offer their crafts for sale.

This year’s accompanying exhibition talks about the informal Christmas celebration of the past, yesterday and today. Children used to love apples, nuts and almond cookies. Today they have higher demands. The religious occasion only plays a decorative part for many. The original minor gift for children has turned into the major motif of the Christmas celebration. Retail businesses rejoice, while buying presents becomes a heavy burden for many as we tumble into the yearly stress to purchase gifts. Often times Christmas Eve passes by quite nervously between high expectations, the wish for harmony and real hectic.

It can also be done differently: In our Christmas hall, you can practice a “Christmas together” with your children or grandchildren. Building, crafting or playing with the toy train or the doll house, painting, folding, decorating the tree, board games, reading aloud and singing, puppet theatre, Christmas post …. And what about the Christmas story?

May be you feel like sharing your most touching Christmas memories, habits or ideas and get inspired by the notes of other visitors? Let us celebrate together, a very merry Christmas!