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Ébéniste des rois étranger

The Saxon court’s passion for ornamental furniture
by the Paris ébéniste Jean-Pierre Latz (1691-1754)

Project organisers:

The Kunstgewerbemuseum holds one of the largest collections of ornamental clocks and furniture made by the Paris cabinet maker (ébéniste) Jean-Pierre Latz (1691-1754), the items in which formerly belonged to the circle around the Saxon court. Latz, who had the status of “Maître Ebéniste Privilégié du Roy suivant la cour” but probably never worked directly for the Versailles court, supplied his works primarily to courts outside France. His customers included not only Friedrich August II, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, and his Prime Minister Count Heinrich von Brühl, but also Friedrich II of Prussia and Marie Louise Élisabeth de Bourbon, Duchess of Parma.Now, for the first time, intensive research is to be devoted to the Kunstgewerbemuseum’s collection of French furniture dating from the period 1730-1755. In order to do this, it will be necessary to compare these works with items in other collections which are marked and can therefore be attributed with certainty to Latz. Investigations will also be carried out to establish the origins of the Saxon court’s enthusiasm for the works of Jean-Pierre Latz and how this was connected with the predilection of Friedrich II of Prussia, whose collection included several very similar pieces which only differ in certain details.

Intended results and aims:
Comprehensive scientific investigation and publication of the collection of furniture by Jean-Pierre Latz held by the Kunstgewerbemuseum

Exhibition on the oeuvre of Jean-Pierre Latz

since 2011

Budgetary resources

Project manager:
Dr. Peter Plaßmeyer

Project team members:
Christiane Ernek M.A.