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Research and Edition of the Kunstkammer inventories of Dresden Project

Title of the Research Project:
Research and Edition of the Kunstkammer inventories of Dresden Project
Organisers: Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Grünes Gewölbe

Outline: On the Green Vault's initiative and in preparation of the planned permanent exhibition „World View and Wisdom around 1600“ in the building Georgenbau in the royal palace, the history as well as the holdings of the Kunstkammer in Dresden are to be researched. Next to the presentation in the museum, the most important Kunstkammer inventories of 1587, 1619, 1640 and 1741 will be made available in a scholarly publication to other researchers as well as to interested non-professionals. A broad edition with essays, in which the broad material will be commented on regarding its history and topics, will precede the source edition, consisting of four volumes.

Expected Results and Aims: final publication Duration: 2009-2011

Bruno L. Schroder 
Suzanne von Maltzahn
Georg Laue
Helga and Erivan Haub
Rainer Zietz
Rudolf-August Oetker Stiftung
Tavolozza Stiftung
Thomas Färber

Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Dirk Syndram
Research Assistants: Dr. Martina Minning / Dr. Jochen Vötsch
Cooperation Partner: Saxon Public Record Office, Main State Archiv Dresden

Die kurfürstlich-sächsische Kunstkammer in Dresden.
(The electoral Saxon Kunstkammer in Dresden) Bd. I.
Geschichte einer Sammlung (Vol. 1 History of the Collection) Bd. II.
Das Inventar von 1587 (Vol. 2 The inventory of 1587) Bd. III.
Das Inventar von 1619 (Vol. 3 The inventory of 1619) Bd. IV.
Das Inventar von 1640 (Vol. 4 The inventory of 1640) Bd. V.
Das Inventar von 1741 (Vol. 5 The inventory of 1741)
Vol. 2-5 will be published in the beginning of November 2010.

Contact: Dr. Martina Minning