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Neo-Realism in Dresden

Neue Sachlichkeit in Dresden

Title of the research project:
Die Neue Sachlichkeit in Dresden Project

Galerie Neue Meister

Reconstructing an overall picture of the Neue Sachlichkeit movement in Dresden, pointing out for the first time specific regional features that contrast with other centres of realist painting in the Weimar Republic such as Hanover, Karlsruhe, Munich or Berlin, will fill a research gap.
Up to now, Neue Sachlichkeit paintings from Dresden have not been the subject of a separate publication or of an exhibition. In order to analyse the holdings of the Galerie Neue Meister and to establish a relevant selection of preserved works which reflect the situation in Dresden between 1918 and 1933 in a multi-faceted way, it will be necessary to reconstruct the oeuvre of more than seventy painters, some of whom are hardly known and in a number of cases can even be regarded as newly discovered artists. In parallel to this research, comprehensive investigations of the paintings are to be undertaken by restorers, under the leadership of Marlies Giebe, in order to study questions regarding the painting techniques employed.
On the basis of the Galerie Neue Meister’s own collection plus loans from around Germany, the research project is to culminate in an exhibition consisting of a concentrated selection of paintings which will provide a concise image of this artistic trend at the end of the Golden Twenties in Dresden, a city of art, industry and commerce. At the same time, an interdisciplinary view of the period of the Weimar Republic (including recent history, regional history, sociology, film history, literature and music) is intended to foster understanding of these works and lay the foundation for a wide-ranging programme of accompanying events during the exhibition.

Anticipated results and targets:
Scholarly catalogue and exhibition (planned for autumn 2011)

2008/09 until 2011

Project leaders:
Dr. Birgit Dalbajewa, Curator (GNM)
Prof. Marlies Giebe, Head of the Restoration Workshop of the
Gemäldegalerie Alte and Neue Meister

Interim results, publications:
Constant exchange of information via a voluntary working group consisting of art historians, trustees, gallery owners and collectors.


Information on the forthcoming exhibition you find here.