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The new Kunstgewerbemuseum (Museum of Decorative Arts)

Experiment and Tradition

The year 2015 sees the Kunstgewerbemuseum continuing along its path. It is defining itself more and more as a hub of exchange and discussion on the topic of design, meanwhile remaining true to its institutional roots as a model collection for craftspeople and designers. Cooperation with universities and academies, manufacturers and designers testify to this, as does the concentrated work on innovative exhibition concepts and forms of presentation. In all this, the Museum of Decorative Arts is reinforcing its international foothold, an elegant balancing act between its rich historical treasures and contemporary approaches.

Season 2015 started already in March in the Lipsiusbau, where the exhibition “Parts of a Unity” presents visitors in the central inner city of Dresden a re-interpretation of the museum and its collection, running until into the summer. Also, beginning on 1 May, the museum will be hosting visitors in its Pillnitz home. Three projects mark the summer season, bringing action once more into the complex of the Upper Palace (Bergpalais) and the Riverside Palace (Wasserpalais). A series of workshops in the cleared-out west wing of the Riverside Palace will revolve around the permanent exhibition, with Ornament” as the leading topic for discussion and public interaction. The major special exhibition “The False Flower” combines traditional handicraft with contemporary design, and finally, in September, another show will be devoted to the Czech glass designer Rony Plesl, before the season ends on 1 November.

  • Rudi Högner, Kasten, Dresden, um 1926, Kunstgewerbemuseum, copyright: SKD
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