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Current special exhibitions

  • Vimercati

    The Things of Life / The Life of Things

    For this exhibition curated by philosopher Wolfgang Scheppe 99 bowls were selected from the depots of all the Dresden State Art Collections and placed in a formal developmental sequence. ...more

  • Painting by Johann Valentin Haidt

    „Remember the past time…“

    On the occasion of the anniversary the exhibition being a cooperation project of the Unity Archive and the Ethnographical Museum Herrnhut shows a cross-section of the holdings and the collection of the archive. ...more

  • selbstgemachtes Kriegsspielzeug

    Playing War. Roles, Rules, Regiments

    The exhibition provides the viewer with the possibility to try historic and modern war games right up to the game console. The same is true for this exhibition: nothing is better than experience. ...more

  • box by Maria Nordman

    Maria Nordman

    Maria Nordman shows "Standing Pictures" in the Lichthof at the Albertinum. It is an exhibition of slim vertical boxes that contain drawings and photographs which can be pulled out by the visitors. ...more

  • Vier Dolche zu Rapier-Garnituren

    Precious Ceremonial Weapons

    The exhibition presents the ornate ceremonial weapons which August the Strong selected in 1728 for permanent display in the Juwelenzimmer (Jewel Room) of the Grünes Gewölbe ...more

  • Maix Mayer "African Tales"

    Snowman to the Square

    The Leipzig artist Maix Mayer shows in his work “African Tales” new approaches from our point of view towards Africa. He also allows African artists to interpret European conditions. ...more

  • Photographie von Knut Stritzke

    Sri Lanka’s Smile

    The photographer Knut Stritzke travelled to Sri Lanka with his camera in 2007. Photographs that were taken there show the faces of different people. Their eyes tell stories about joy, their hopes, but also about strokes of fate. ...more

  • Ausstellungsentwurf

    WerkStadt Vienna

    WerkStadt Vienna showcases an extraordinary collection of curated collaborations between young designers and small to medium sized manufacturers in Vienna. ...more

  • Preview

    Our preview presents the upcoming special exhibitions in Dresden, Leipzig, Herrnhut and the rest of the world ...more

  • At other locations

    Our artworks are not only on view in Dresden, Leipzig and Herrnhut, but also in Germany and the rest of the world. Read more about the special exhibitions that are presented at other locations ...more