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  • Beneath Italian Skies: 19th-Century Paintings of Italy

    During the 19th century the “land where the lemon trees do bloom” attracted numerous travellers from Northern Europe. The Dresden Albertinum is exhibiting a comprehensive retrospective of 19th-century German paintings of Italy. They are presented in dialogue with works by outstanding international contemporaries such as Arnold Böcklin, Camille Corot, Johan Christian Dahl and William Turner ...more

Happy Birthday! On the occasion of Gerhard Richter's 85th birthday

The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden show on the occasion of his birthday the exhibition "Benjamin Katz photographed Gerhard Richter" ...more

In a second exhibition, starting on 20 May, new paintings from Gerhard Richter will be on display at the Albertinum ...more

  • Prolog # 1-10: 10 stations, 10 perspectives, 10 months

    Prolog is a workshop exhibition in progress that explores the Museum für Völkerkunde Dresden in 10 stages. The exhibition at the Japanisches Palais invites the visitor each month to take a behind the scenes look at the museum – to see the collection repeatedly anew and with a fresh perspective. The admission is free! ...more

  • Visit our museums on 360° panoramic tours

    Art lovers around the world can discover the fascinating range of our artistic treasures updated to a high technological level: in our panoramic tours! Now also available for the Münzkabinett and the Museum für Sächsische Volkskunst ...more

From 9 April 2017 on: The new permanent exhibitions of the Rüstkammer

The exhibition "On the Way to Electoral Power" illustrates the development of the House of Wettin up to the winning of the Electorship and the reign ...more

The exhibition "The Electoral Wardrobe", highlights the magnificent fashion of the Renaissance and early baroque with original wardrobe ...more