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Due to maintenance the Albertinum remains closed from 16 to 20 January 2017

  • Sculptures in the Semper Building

    The Skulpturensammlung currently presents two exhibitions inside the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, showing sculptures and paintings in direct proximity: The works demonstrate the extent to which the artists of later periods were inspired by the art of classical antiquity. This applies not only to sculpture but also to the two-dimensional art of painting ...more

  • Grassi invites #3: masks!

    Grassi invites # 3: masks! brings the masks out the showcases of the permanent exhibition and presents them in a completely new context. In the series Grassi invites #3: masks! the GRASSI Museum of Ethnology in Leipzig invites theater producers to reactivate and re-examine the many masks of the museum ...more

  • New Additions of Contemporary Art in the Kunstfonds 2016

    Every year the Free State of Saxony carries out annual purchases of contemporary art associated with Saxony. 27 artworks were purchased in 2016 from 25 artists, which are exhibited until 21 April at the representation of the Free State of Saxony at the Federal Government in Berlin. On view are artworks, among others, by Viktoria Binschtok, Sebastian Burger and Carsten Nicolai ...more

From 9 April 2017 on: The new permanent exhibitions of the Rüstkammer

The exhibition "On the Way to Electoral Power" illustrates the development of the House of Wettin up to the winning of the Electorship and the reign ...more

The exhibition "The Electoral Wardrobe", highlights the magnificent fashion of the Renaissance and early baroque with original wardrobe ...more