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  • Timm Rautert: Bildanalytische Photographie 1968 – 1974

    Timm Rautert’s “Bildanalytische Photographie” (Image-analytical photography) counts among the seminal works of German art photography of the 1960s and 1970s. The current exhibition of the Kupferstich-Kabinett at the Residenzschloss Dresden presents “Bildanalytische Photographie” for the first time in its entirety ...more

Explore our museums and collections online

No closing time and always open: Discover the fascinating range of our artistic treasures in their natural surrounding in our 360° panoramic tours through selected museums ...more

From the Sistine Madonna in the Gemäldegalerie to a Punch puppet in the Puppentheatersammlung: Explore the numerous masterworks of our collections in our Online Collection ...more

  • Of Beauty and Grandeur: Roman Portraits and their Baroque Appropriation

    The antiquities collection is one of the oldest of Dresden‘s electoral and royal collections and one of the oldest collections of antiquities displayed in a museum setting outside Italy. An essential element consists of the antique portraits and portrait statues, a selection is shown currently at the special exhibition at the Albertinum ...more

  • Initiative für ein weltoffenes Dresden

    Initiative für ein weltoffenes Dresden

    The Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden are part of the "Initiative weltoffenes Dresden (#WOD)", an alliance between the cultural institutions of Dresden. Together we have been holding special events in order to send out a clear signal advocating an open society, in favour of tolerance and solidarity and against scare-mongering and populism ...more

A trip to the home and studio of Josef Hegenbarth in Dresden-Loschwitz

Artist Josef Hegenbarth lived in Dresden close to the river Elbe and created thousands of drawings and illustrations of the major works of world literature ...more

The exhibition "Network Hegenbarth" presents main works from Josef Hegenbarth's foundation, e.g. by Albert Wigand, Hans Körnig and Helmut Schmidt-Kirstein ...more