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The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden are today more than ever the place of research across national and once dividing borders. Many employees, who work behind the scenes of the museums in Dresden, communicate and exchange ideas with their colleagues worldwide. International cooperation and exhibition projects determine the work routine of the employees to a great extend. The art collections present large exhibitions around the globe.

Only in the past years, art treasures were shown in Beijing, Tokyo and Kobe, Moscow and Kiev, Versailles, London, Madrid or Rome – just to name the most important projects. Moreover, famous works are requested as loans for major exhibitions worldwide. Every transport can damage the unique works of art – a flick of the wrist is all it takes. Loan requests and exhibition projects, therefore, have to be carefully examined and well prepared. Paintings travel in climatic boxes to protect them from fluctuation in temperature. Porcelain objects and sculptures are sent airsprung. Couriers are on tour with the art. Restorers log the condition en detail on departure, arrival and return.

The responsibility it takes to preserve and to present to the public the precious treasures, which were created, collected and stored by previous generations, in challenging exhibitions nationally as well as internationally, is immense. It accompanies the daily work in the art collections.